The Straw that could…
August 18, 2018

“How many people does it take to change this world? Just one more… You…!”

-Ethan The Farmer, Founder Just Us

Today, Sunday August 12, 2018 as I write this “Farmer’s thoughts” edition I am reminded just how “ONE MORE…You!” can truly make a difference. This last week two phenomenal examples stand out to me.

I want to talk a little about what I know and think about these two people who through their actions desired to be that “one more…” person to make change in their world. Both of these people will have ultimately given their lives in the battle for a better place for others.  One did so while making a stand for her beliefs, the other as a result of the damage done to him by a horrible company “Monsanto” in the name of greed. But both made a choice to make a difference in the lives of others by their actions.  They exhibited a willingness to go beyond their comfort zone and make a stand. Why, in this day and age is it so very hard for people to step out of their comfort zone? Is it because we care more about our comfort than that of others in our world?  Don’t we owe it to those in our world and those like Heather and Dewayne, who paid the ultimate price, to make a stand and “be the change” we wish to see in our communities?

Now, about that Straw…

the old adage about “the straw that  broke the camels back”.

In the course of our lives are we doing our part to be that “one more…”, that straw that breaks the systems back, facilitating true change and good for all those in our communities? Why, did the adage come to mention a camel of all creatures? Those of you that know camels know that these animals, much like their cousins the llama and the alpaca, are incredibly smart, stubborn, and tenacious creatures. There in how could one ever envision a straw “breaking their back”? These are the tings some of us tenacious farmers wonder as we try and fall asleep at night… or when our minds take that ever wondering they are ever pron to.

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