“Whom ever is truly in need is free to help
himself to the money inside”

With that statement your are probably wondering where and what this idea and program came from?
In Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – birthplace and home of the Amish and Mennonites, and where some of those involved in this endeavor have deep roots, there is a little newspaper called “The Fish Wrapper” ( In that paper on October 13,2015 the main article was called “Living the Life”, we read that article and after reading it came to the conclusion that we needed to incorporate this concept into our trip and help spread it in the communities in which we go. We would like to thank them for the inspiration that led to the development of this program.
Originally, this concept was coined the “salt of the earth” movement from Tokyo, Japan. It involved a small box in which some money is put in daily and anyone who “is truly in need is free to help himself to the money inside.” No questions asked and only that persons conscience to be the guide. In accordance with our firm commitment to building strong communities, we have taken this concept and made it a three pronged program part of our trip.

As follows:

    • We have a “salt of the earth box” on our truck – mounted on the outside and it will be “salted” throughout the trip. Feel free to salt it yourself, or should you be “truly in need” feel free to help yourself to the money inside. We will have flyers availible that explain the program its history, and ask people to get involved in this small way of making a difference.

“Poverty, he declared, is everyone’s sin and everyone’s responsibility”
– Shinichi Eguchi (The Fishwrapper, October 13, 2015)

    • We will have “Salt of the Earth” boxes available for purchase and some sponsored boxes available to those who agree to “salt” the box in their community. We will also have the flyers that talk about this project and its history available for those who set up boxes in their community. Sponsor a salt of the earth box, or the printing of the flyers here: (please make sure to add a note as for the funds intended use – thank you)



  • We have set up a virtual “salt of the earth” box, allowing people to contribute ( as well as we will salt this box just as the physical boxes are salted) and the funds to be distributed to those who are “truly in need”. We believe it is not our job to judge these people in need, and there for the funds will be dispersed from this personal box weekly and divided equally among those who have sent an email expressing the need via this contact form.


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