Do these pics seem familiar?

Or maybe these?

Then you understand how deep suffering we are in..

Are you happy with where our country and our world is at today? Aren’t you tired of the corrupt corporate bought off Government? Don’t you think it is high time We all band together and SPEAK UP?
Our Family Farms are Under Attack! The economic engine that powered rural America for generations. And now are rapidly being victims of hostile take over by large agricultural and chemical corporations.
What in the World Are We Eating? Control and destruction of our food and the natural environment in which it grows has been going on for many years. Our food is no longer what our bodies or the livestock and poultry were designed to eat.
What is wrong with our society? Ever notice the lost look on children’s faces in public? The sense that our children are getting involved in stuff that in years gone by adults would have never dreamed of doing.
What is Freedom? The core belief in freedom is to allow for people to explore themselves and the community in a unrestricted manor, all the while being respectful of others rights, and “doing no harm”. A healthy strong community requires that all respect one another. Our Freedoms and rights in the United States are under attack. No longer are we enjoying the freedoms that our founding fathers guaranteed in the constitution, and the bill of rights.

How can we help ourselves and our friends?

How do you feel now?

I bet you feel happy after seeing these pics!

It is time we get corporate money out of our Government, out of our farms, out of our families, and out of our freedom! It is time we bring back the FOURTH BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT! That means YOU & ME! EACH ONE OF US! There are far more WE THE PEOPLE than THOSE IN POWER! Together with YOUR HELP we can make this DREAM A REALITY!