Helping Hands All Over

What is Community? If it is Not HANDS? Helping Hands?

Here are Just Us Riders we are determined to facilitate strong LOCAL community across this country and around the world. One of the best ways we can combat the harm that the powers that be inflict on our society in the name of corporate greed and putting profits before people is through working together. Being a helping hand for one another.

What does this program do? The core aspects of this program include:

  • Promoting LOCAL commerce via trade of goods and services. When a community barters for the goods and services needed to make life go around with their neighbors, they are feeding the local economy.  Helping Hands All Over By Bartering.
  • Facilitating the Community of helping hands for those who need it. Many of those in the community need an extra hand but cannot afford to pay the corporate rates out there. We encourage a out of the box thinking, for those tasks that another hand would make all the difference.  Helping Hands All Over Out of the Box Tasks and Gigs.
  • Some people need help in their everyday life. Many of the Elderly, Disabled, and even those single parents with children need someone to lend a Helping Hand without padding the wallets of the big corporations and those in power.  Elderly, Disabled, and even child care done in a manor where it helps build strong communities through local economy.  Helping Hands All Over Companionship

If you are interested in working with one of these programs or helping start one in your community please contact us and let us know.