A strong family = A strong foundation for society!

Our Families – Ever notice the lost look on children’s faces in public? The sense that our children are getting involved in stuff that in years gone by adults would have never dreamed of doing, let alone children. What is wrong with a society that puts for profit companies in charge of:

  • Taking care of the children that are removed from their homes?
  • Services and helping the homeless?
  • Even housing and treating those with mental health issues?
  • Services for our veterans?
  • The criminal justice programs and jails?

Clearly there is something wrong here. our families are a building block of a strong society. What companies and our government have done here is nothing short of criminal. Families don’t have to be blood related, but instead are made up of groups of people caring and loving others where they are at.

When profits are put before people, you can tell we have a problem!

In the current system that is being used in the United States many of those from a lower socioeconomic environment are often preyed upon by the various government agencies at the behest of corporations with a vested economic interest. The civil war did not abolish slavery, it only redirected it to include a larger mass, in a more discrete and socially acceptable manor:

  • The children who are taken from their families for little more than the fact that the family lacks resources to defend itself from unproven allegations are “traded” like commodities between for profit companies that are often owned or have the judges and attorneys on their boards that placed the child there in the first place. Those children are nothing but young “slaves” who will live the rest of their lives branded as a product of the system. If our system is willing to negatively label these children throughout their adult lives as a result of their forced indentured childhoods, Is it not like the scarlet letter or star of David of days of old? Many of these children end up in the system throughout their lives as a result. Statistics clearly show that our government does not make good parents, nor a healthy environment in which children can grow to their full potential.
  • The Homeless in our country are routinely denied “equal protection under the law” and are prosecuted simply for the act of being homeless. When the corrupt system through the greed of the wealthy and the corporations is actively taking families homes via foreclosure and then charging those same people with “urban camping” for being homeless… something is seriously wrong. Wasting all this money persecuting those that are homeless, whether they are there because they choose to or because they are struggling in this world, is ineffective. We instead should be focusing as a community on how we can lend a hand to these people and help them on a healthy path. Persecuting a class of people for their economic status goes directly against the principles that the founding father so cherished, fought and died for. Strong communities include even the homeless.
  • In our society today, the system routinely labels people mentally ill, yet fails to provide resources and community support to those needing it most. Instead of labeling those that are not understood, or choose to think in broader horizons than societies norms, why not work to understand and help them succeed? Our system now has a philosophy of drugging and criminalizing those who show signs of struggling with various issues. When traumatic events cause a person to fall out of the ability to cope with reality, (PTSD) why to we persecute them? When the drugs that are forced on these people often lead to disastrous side effects, only to the benefit of the big pharmaceutical companies. Why are we treating depressed people with drugs that one of the main side effects are suicide? Why have those involved in all of the mass shooting events been on prescription drugs? Why not work to open our comfort zones to those in need and show them that we care? Instead of treating them like they are outsiders in our communities? Strong Communities are inclusive and supportive of all their members, including those we do not understand.
  • The Veterans of our country are treated with great disdain, and marginalized in our communities under the current corrupt system. Many of these men and woman have served our country and are left with untold horrors of their service. Whether or not we agree with our leaders zest for war, we owe it to these people to treat them with dignity and respect they earned for their service and putting their lives on the line for what they believed. Many have severe health issues that our Government has fallen down on providing the services they desperately need. As well as many are homeless and destitute as a result of the ghosts that follow them from the horrors of war. Instead of looking down on these people when you see them sitting on the sidewalk, many would love to just talk and for you to lend an ear. The skills and discipline that these men and woman learned in the military make them valuable members of a strong community, all they need is a little understanding and someone that cares. Will that someone be you?
  • When a society is focused more on punishment than on actual justice and more on institutionalization of entire segments of society for profit something is wrong. When the Criminal Justice system is nothing but a pay to play game where in if you have the money you can get the results you want, and innocent people are continually persecuted for their political and religious views, and sent to for profit prisons. When the system is built on the principal that 80+% of people charged will plea bargain because they know that they don’t have the financial resources to prove their innocence – something is wrong. When the public defenders office uses threats of a guaranteed conviction if the defendant exercises their rights – something is wrong. When District Attorneys, Judges, and Public Defenders all act in unison to deny those accused of a crime their rights – something is wrong. Then sending those same people to the very programs that they privately own, control, or on the board of directors, – something is wrong. When they bogusly convict the masses of nonsense, then use that to take away their constitutional right to bear arms and vote – something is wrong. We need to re-evaluate and prosecute those who are using the justice system for their own personal agenda. Those who serve time while innocent, or costing tax payers millions for non-violent offenses need to be freed. Strong communities are inclusive – Not using the courts to persecute those with different views and beliefs. The constitutionally guaranteed “Liberty and Justice for all” no longer exists under this system. We must have Liberty and Justice for all in order to have strong communities.

Our Family Court system has been corrupted beyond belief. It is now used to divide and conquer families – for the system to take children and place them in the system. This part of our court system has been set up under the administrative branch of the courts, in order to avoid having to honor the constitutional and civil rights of those involved in it. When the founding fathers created our system of justice, this was never their intent. Children and their families have rights and a voice that needs to be honored and respected as well. When there is a financial incentive for the courts to take the children and place them in foster care/ CPS (child protective services) / DHS (department of human services) / adopt them out – something is wrong. This system needs to be revamped and all financial incentives removed, and all persons rights and voices respected. Children need both parents involved in their lives for Strong Communities – and healthy children.

Will You do Your part today to help take back our families and create strong communities?

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