The Endeavor –
August 19, 2018

“We are seeking sponsors, or like minded partners to help create a documentary or reality TV show about this project…” -Ethan The Farmer, Founder

Just Us Road Trip

Documentary and / or Reality Television Program


GTKYF Foundation Inc through its program “Just Us” desires to be a catalyst for change regarding Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom. While controversial at best, the “Road Trip” will encompass all of these things and direct interaction with the communities along the way.


  1. Provide thought provoking engagement with individuals along the route, using the ambassador livestock, “Are we eating fishy food cars,” and the mobile tiny house as avenues to break the ice.
    1. Walk a average of 20 miles in 350 cities, towns, and communities across the United States with the Ambassador Livestock, facilitating direct sparking of interest and desire to “be the change” in each community we encounter.
  2. Engage in Activism related to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom events along the route.
    1. Assist with “Victory Gardens” program in communities along the route
    2. Engage Farmers in the Conventional to Natural Agricultural program.
      1. “Farming with a conscience” Program
    3. Engage in Neighbors Helping Neighbors Events along the route.
    4. Assist with Advocacy for Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom along the route.
    5. Community Feeds along the route.
    6. Helping start Local “Salt of the Earth” programs along the way.
    7. Helping start local “Helping Hands All Over” Programs along the way.
    8. Hold workshops, and events related to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom along the way.
      1. Engage religious groups along the way to follow their moral compass, through talks, speeches, and direct hands on projects.


    The Crew of Just Us Riders will embark on a coast to coast journey of education, and hands on community building covering 350 towns, cities, and communities in a 1998 GMC Topkick 6500 converted to a Mobile Tiny house with stables. Along with the Crew, the Ambassador Livestock of Get To Know Your Farmer will travel and assist with community outreach. These animals include Llamas, Alpacas, goats, sheep, calves, rabbits, chickens, ducks, geese, pigeons, and dogs.  The Mobile Demonstration Tiny home is self contained and has a sound system for events. We would like to add a projector, and a mobile event stage if funds allow. We desire to use “gopros” (for more candid footage) and professional cameras to document this endeavor. That footage would then be used to create the documentary and/or the reality television program.

    Our Crew leader  and GTKYF Foundation Inc founder has extensive experience in these types of actions, including attending the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and the 2017 Inauguration in DC with Ambassador Livestock. In May 2016 several of those involved in this project took a 10 day 10 city tour covering 2600 miles as a trial run and to explore the feasibility of such a project. These events were successful beyond belief. We trended on social media during the DNC! When we have done events in several of the large east coast cities including Times Square, in New York City we pushed half a million hits to our websites, while handing out 20,000 business cards!


    The Cost for this entire endeavor is estimated to be $35,000 in addition to all of the gear (that we have already purchased), the mobile tiny house, and animals we already have and plan to use in the endeavor.  While we are NOT looking to get rich off this project, there are the costs of food, fuel, insurance (estimated to be approximately $20,000 for liability, and vehicle insurance for one year, in addition to the above $35,000), maintenance, and permits / licensing. As Well as we do not currently have any professional grade filming equipment, nor persons to operate it. We would hope that some of the costs will be covered through donations along the route, but do not know if that will be enough to cover the full costs.  We are open to like minded sponsors as well.

    We are open to discussing funding options, including possibly revenue sharing from project, as well as any others you may have.

In Closing:

    It is our belief that the people of the world desire to be given the tools to be the change in their communities. We are committed to investing our time and lives in this project in an effort to show others that they too can be the change in their own communities.  The film of this endeavor would appeal to society as a whole as most people we meet on the streets are not happy with where society is at but are unsure as to a way to make a difference. This endeavor and its associated media would serve as a direct tool to facilitate persons direct involvement in their community.

    For those interested, we have several letters from people who think this would make a good documentary film.

Thank You for Your Time and Consideration in this matter, We look forward to working with you to effect change across this country and around the globe.

If you can help us make this dream a reality please contact us at, thank you