November 3, 2017

The Fire… –
On October 1, 2015, those involved in organizing and preparing for this project were victims of a tragic fire in Blue Ball, PA. This electrical fire destroyed the apartment where they lived and stored most of the equipment and gear that they were stockpiling to use in these events: As well as our beloved loyal companion – Tay the Dog lost her life in the fire.

We will be doing this event – Regardless!
Yes, we may not have as much gear – literature or materials – but we will make it happen…!!!
Please help us replace what was lost –
so that we can be as effective as we believe possible in this endeavor.
If you cant give – please down load this flyer and print it out –
distribute it – and post throughout social media.
FIREFlyer Thank You for helping us recover from this tragedy.

Tay The Dog – Who gave her Life for the cause

Tay the Dog – died in the fire Oct 1, 2015

Tay the Dog – in memory

What our laptop looked like after the Fire.

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