Rock Bottom Farms – Stillwater UPDATE
August 14, 2018

So, Here it is the middle of August 2018, and we thought we should update you on the status of Rock Bottom Farms, Stillwater. Our Demonstration and Training Sustainable Agriculture Facility in Stillwater, Pennsylvania.

We have been busy over the last few weeks. We closed on the property in the fist week of July, 2018. We left the closing owing $18,000 on the property itself and another $1800 +/- in back taxes. On a 3.24 acre $64,000 property, with a 5 bedroom, 2 full bathroom house (in dire need of significant repairs). This property is situated directly on “Pine Creek” in north eastern Pennsylvania. In the foot hills of the Pennsylvania, Pocono Mountains. Beautiful, Peaceful country, with tons of access to all things wild and outdoors.

We promptly got busy cleaning up the substantial trash mess that we acquired in the purchase as the property was vacant for a significant period of time.  In keeping with our commitment to LOCAL Community Economy we hired a neighbor to MOW the grounds, and assist with labor in clean up.  While he was cleaning up, he discovered a family of Skunks had moved into the upstairs behind the walls… Now, since we are against using chemicals, and poisons and believe in sustainable agriculture – working directly with nature. Not against it we will be using cayenne pepper and dog urine to ask that the skunks move to a different residents. If that fails, we will live trap and relocate to a more remote location. We will update you on the Skunk families of Rock Bottom Farms, Stillwater in later posts. The joys of living with nature, even when it has a distinct fowl odor.

We encountered a few surprises in addition to the skunks. We have to get a physical survey, and have it certified by a licensed professional land surveyor. Finding one in this remote neck of the woods has proven to be of a challenging nature. It appears that none of the local properties have been surveyed in approximately 100 years! And much like many other trades, the art and trade of surveying is struggling with a situation where a large portion of those in the trade are retiring. And the younger generation is opting  for collage, instead of the trades.  Meaning that finding a licensed professional land surveyor is going to get nothing but harder as those in the industry retire.  After we finely found a surveyor that would be able to do it, we got a surprise as to the cost.  The Cost to get the property surveyed is starting at $3000 and goes up from there. If you would like to donate to this cost please donate here, and put in the notes “rbfs survey” – Thank You

Our desire is to have this facility with a limited operation by December 1st 2018 and fully functional and operating by July 2021. We need to raise the money we owe on the loan ($18,000), Plus another $25000 to make this facility all that we hope for. Please consider donating here and put in the notes “RBFS”. Thank You