Its finally friday…
September 7, 2018

Here we are at another weekend. I read somewhere this last week that there are only 18 weekends before Christmas left. O how time flies. 

Why is it in America we live for the weekend? Why do a lot of people slave in jobs they hate? Doing the bare minimum to get that ever distant and often already spent paycheck? Is this our lifes purpose? Hating our activities for five of the seven days of every week? Why do we perpatrate this type of existance on ourselves and others? 

Clouds on the farm

Were we not made for more? Should we not be striving to do our best each and every day? 

“When your passion becomes your vocation, you never work a day in your life. “

What are your passions? How could you turn those into a vocation? Have you ever considered working “outside the box?” 

Entrepreneurs a part of what made this Country Strong and made it resilient during the generations prior to us. Nowadays when people think about entrepreneurs you think about the tech entrepreneurs that make billions on some little crazy idea that they try. What about the entrepreneurs that used to open little shops and provide services to their local communities? What happened to this sense of community and the strong backbone of a diverse economy? Shouldn’t we think about this when we buy from the likes of Walmart? Shouldn’t we go down and spend the extra $0.50 to buy that loaf of bread from the local shopkeeper? What would it take to get you step outside of your comfort zone and make your passion your vocation? If everyone would do this and engage in farther versus just straight sale as our forefathers did in this country the system would feel the crunch. I want to encourage you folks to follow your dreams and I want to be an inspiration for folks to be engaged in a vocation that is their passion. Life’s not all about money. Yes money makes life a little easier. But in the end being happy and enjoying your day today life and your occupation is worth something. This is just food for thought and a farmer’s thoughts for this Friday. Enjoy your weekend