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  • Our Food:  Control and destruction of our food and the natural environment in which it grows has been going on for many years.  Our food is no longer what our bodies or the livestock and poultry were designed to eat. When I hear of people talking about the climbing number of cases of Autism, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Food Allergies… I look at the increase in mass produced processed food containing chemicals and who knows what.  And then I see the correlation between both sets of numbers and think – we need to start providing our living, breathing bodies with natural real food. The food our bodies were designed to run on –  not some thing the bugs and rats won’t even eat.  When I buy natural produce, I look for the bugs, that way I know the chances of it being treated with pesticides is far less if the bugs are willing to eat it…

Since the creation of the grocery store in the mid 1940’s and then the big box marts we have seen an ever increasing system whereas the food and goods travels long distances, going through multiple middle men, and depriving the producer of the fruits of their labor.  When the worlds largest patent holder is a chemical company (Monsanto) that owns the largest producer of agricultural products (Con Agri), and 80% of the food in our stores contains one or more of their products and / or patents – something is wrong. When 26 of the 30 top economies in the world have banned many of their products – something is wrong. When here in the country that is suppose to be the land of the free, we cannot even get them to have to label or tell us what is in our foods – something is wrong.  If there is truly nothing wrong with their products as they claim, then why the huge fight over people wanting to label and know what is in their food?  If they have nothing to hide – then why fight it?

Just how long has nature been around? Now, we can debate this number from any number of philosophical angles – but we all can agree that it has been a really long time – Right?  Next – How long has Nature been producing food for the plants and animals that are a part of it (including the most destructive of the animals –  the humans?) So, what makes us destructive humans believe we can win in a direct fight against nature? Engineering a better nature than what has survived from the beginning of this planet?  We are far more effective in growing food and our bodies can use the nutrients far more effectively when we work with nature and not try to fight or alter it.

LAWNS: Why in the United States do we look at it as a societal status point to have and spend large amounts of money, resources, and time maintaining large swaths of unused grass hay fields that some would call lawns?  At least if you are going to grow a lawn you should bale it as hay and use it to feed livestock and poultry, providing your family with local food.  The concept of most American homes spending hours a week maintaining these useless and wasteful unending fields of grass is obsessed and crazy.  You have “X” amount of hours in your life to live –  and to spend a decent size chunk of those hours trying to “keep up with the Jones” by growing this worthless hay you call a lawn is beyond crazy.  Why not spend the same amount of time, and less energy, growing food  – NOT lawns?  Americans spend a crazy amount of money on petroleum based fertilizer and nasty pesticides used on lawns every year – And pray tell – Why? Not to mention the damage these products do to the bees and the environment. When is the last time you ate your lawn? Let alone the fact that in many lawns throughout our communities children play on them and in these chemicals.  Why not Grow healthy food, and use it to feed your families, neighbors, and trade for other goods and services?

Grow Food NOT Lawns!!

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This current system is broken beyond belief –

Will You do Your part for future generations?


What Are GMO’s? Genetically Modified Organisms – Where they splice the genes and DNA of plants and animals with other genes from other species. Things like crossing a Atlantic Cod with an Apple or a Tomato, Placing the DNA from a pesticide into the DNA in a seed, so in effect the plant becomes a living pesticide, that livestock or people eventually eat. Products containing GMO’s are banned from many counties throughout the world, yet in the United States they are ever more prevalent.  California and the World Health Organization  or WHO have even declared some of the associated chemicals are probable carcinogens. Yet due to the revolving door between high ranking positions in our government and those very corporations who own and produce these harmful products their foot print continues to grow here in the United States. (See Wiki Definition here)

Here are some things you can do to help take back our food:

  • Grow your own heirloom food
  • Get to know your farmer –  and buy local
  • Vote with your wallet – Don’t buy their junk and don’t eat McDonald’s (or other fast food)
  • If you can’t pronounce the names on the ingredient list on a product, a good rule of thumb is Don’t Buy It!
  • Write, call, email, use social media to address your concerns about your food with your elected officials.


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