November 3, 2017

350 days of action
Just Us Riders originally was the dream to ride on horse back across the country in an effort to draw attention and be a catalyst to facilitate the change we want to see in our society and world. Since we came to the conclusion that riding horses was not practical, the plan morphed into the
“350 Days of Action”.

This Program of Just Us Riders includes visiting 350 cities, towns, and communities across the United States from “Sea to Shinning Sea” covering 5600 miles in a year. The Demonstration Tiny home, the Ambassador Live Stock, and many of the other programs will play an intricate part. We would encourage people to join us on our journey and come with us from city to city, helping to create a wave of action to draw attention to what our goverment is doing, and provide resources for people to get involved in taking back our farms, food, families, and freedom. Our desire is to provide a catalyst in an effort to spark the change we desire to be in our communities across the country.

We are currently still in the process of gearing up for this program, and are in need of an additional vehicle (truck) and a minimum of two additional volunteer crew (at this time these slots are both open) to help make this happen. As well as funding for insurance, food, and fuel along the trip. If you can help please contact us. thank you