December 15, 2015


Here in the NEW YEAR why not make a resolution to actually
get involved and help make a difference in our society –
If you need help getting plugged in your community – let us
know and we will do our best to help, – Because we care!
Some of you have asked for an UPDATE (from Christmas 2015)-
So, Here it is:

A note from Ethan – The Farmer
These are trying days for most of us, the holidays are hard on most people…
Here is the note as I posted it to the face book page of the endeavor:

Pretty certain I did nothing I should have today… not one invite for dinner …

Real certain that loneliness can and will kill a man …

Spent the day being depressed and sleeping … was to rainy to work on brakes on tiny house any way…

Wondering why the last three Christmases have been horrible… and why I keep going… often carrying the fight single handedly…

Finding odd jobs and ways to earn enough to cover the monetary costs… going without myself (shoes, food, medical, housing) to put more resources towards the projects to make a greater impact. Or in order to fund something for someone I see as in need… or another organizations project…

I pay dearly for these choices – both physically and emotionally. Yet I will continue to put everything I have and everything I may ever have towards helping others and the causes I firmly believe in.

I will not stop I will not rest I will stop until what is wrong with this country and this world is made right. If it means my life then so be it. To those that threaten me as I get threats daily – I wish you the best in your attempts to intimidate and end my voice for the voiceless… it only make me stronger and lets me know that the path I have chosen is being effective. The more I am a threat to the current system the more the threats grow. And no I will not run to law enforcement – as they can not be trusted and are the source of some of the threats.

I will still be taking this trip – be it self funded doing whatever odd jobs I have to in order to make it happen… as I believe that in order to take back our families our farms and our food we have got to reach the common man who has no idea or concept of the lengths our government and thw crooks in power are going to so that they might pad their wallets and destroy everyone and everything else.

I will not give up – I will not back down
I am an American and I still believe in the freedoms and ideals that those who have gone before me and founded this country held so dear…

Who will join me? Who is willing to give what it takes to truly make a difference in the direction this country is going?

The person the establishment fears the most is one
whom has nothing left to loose…

You can’t take money and possessions in the trailer to thw grave… you have never seen a hurse with a trailer hitch…

I will continue to post actions and event and plans as I have them resolved on my end…
Keep in mind that when I am asking for financial help – its not because I have not put my own money – every cent I have into it – but because I believe I am more effective when my skills and limited time are used for the cause in other ways than odd jobs to earn the money to make it all function. As well as when people pitch in we are able to make a larger impact faster… and I believe in the fight for food families and farms – as well as freedom time is of the essence and running out fast!
Many thanks to all who have helped and to all who will help…

Other Updates:

If your having trouble viewing this site due to the back ground – We changed it to try and make it easier to read. There are still issues with some security programs and with many mobile aspects of the site – we are still working on them.
We are hoping to be in a position to have the “tiny house truck” reinspected the first week in January. If the weather holds and we get some additional volunteer labor and financial help to get it done. That would put us in Seattle, Washington by the third week of January. We will Post updates as often as possible.
If revenue and support structure holds – We are planning a new years eve or New Years Day action in either Washington DC or New York City or Baltimore or Philadelphia with the Critters If anyone has Ideas Please let us know.
As for the site access issues of last week we had an issue with our DNS being altered yet again. It is resolved and we are employing even more security measures. Must be getting on someones nerves – that they keep messing with us…

newton pictureNewton New Jersey Action, December 15, 2015

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