May 1, 2016

Update May 27, 2016
Here is the Update Letter of the end of May 2016 – thanks:

Hey there friends, supporters, and people that care:

Just thought I would send this letter to give you an update about where we are at here at the end of May – entering June 2016, and what we have managed to get done during the last month:

As of today we are $6190 short of our needs for year to date 2016:

This includes a $590 donation shortage from the series of actions to Columbus, Ohio: Dayton, Ohio: Indianapolis, Indiana: St Louis, Missouri: Chicago, Illinois: Flint, Michigan: Cleveland, Ohio: In which we made the news in every city along the way, and participated in the March Against Monsanto in St Louis! We made a tremendous impact for raising awareness in this 2600 mile journey over 9 days and 8 States – All in the ongoing effort to raise awareness about what is happening to our farms, food families and food in this country. We passed out 7500 cards and are still tallying the impact to the websites. Nothing like taking the farm to the big cities… make sure to check out our website in the coming days for the full reports.

We have also been heavily involved in several projects in Eastern PA geared towards helping the communities around us, and continue to provide advocacy services across the united states and around the world – all on a shoe string budget – in an effort to be the change we want to see in this community and around the world.

The tiny house is still in progress and moving along – be it slowly – and will be on the road hopefully this month! (YAY!) Once this is done we will be fully mobile and on a mission to change the world one person at a time.

We are in desperate need of some volunteer content writers and photo editors for our websites to free up some time for the core group to better continue this mission.

If you want to learn about our financial status please visit, to donate please use this link

Thank You from the bottom of my heart
Ethan The Farmer

If you know someone that needs an advocate in the areas of issues related to farms, food, families, or freedom please tell them about us and direct them to this link

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