November 3, 2017

In September 2017 the crew of Just Us Riders helped organize and participated in the “Million Parent March in Washington, DC.” In accordance to our mission statement families is on of the “4fs”. We are advocates for “Parental rights are human rights” and equal shared parenting. Children need both parents in their lives and the current family court system designed to persecute one side over the other to the point that the children are denied access to one parent over the other is wrong.  We are not fathers rights or mothers rights –  we are equal parental rights.

Another aspect of this Event that is tied to what we do here at Just Us Riders is the relation of the Foster care, Child protective services (also known as children youth services) to the trafficking of children and the foster care to prison pipeline.

Over all this event drew attention on constitution day in our nations capital to the dire condition of families and parents in our society due to our governments putting greed and profits above the best interest of the children.

We would encourage each of you to get involved with this movement if you care about children in your communities.

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