Hay There… Farmers Play on words…
August 25, 2018

Hay there…
( a Farmers Play on Words…)

As most of you know and have seen over the years, our group is VERY active in the desire to “Take back our farms, food, families, and freedom.” That being said we are always looking for Advertisers, Sponsors, and Donations (either in kind, or monetarily). We have a significant presence across multiple aspects of these core issues including 600 plus websites, significant social media presence, and 30,000 plus agricultural related digital subscribers in the united states. Our Off Grid / Prepping related project in the EU has 1.2 million subscribers. I don’t know if your company has any interest in marketing to these types of persons, but all of our related agricultural aspects are fully aware of our stance for natural sustainable family / community based aspects. We have a continual stream of new articles and stories related to our key aspects across our platforms. Thereby, keeping these people engaged in what we are doing and the current information in relation. I would be willing to place ads or otherwise market your business for FREE for 30 days, (limited availability – 1st come 1st served) after that we could continue a similar campaign for around a dollar a day and up. Depending on what exactly you would like to target marketing wise. We also own Farm Fresh Media, and could produce a story or article on your companies endeavors. Providing relative content for getting the word out to people interested in your products or services.

Please contact me if any of this interests you going forward.

Many Thanks,
Ethan The Farmer
executive director, GTKYF Foundation inc.
814-429-3276 office

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