March 24, 2018

Here it is Saturday morning cold crisp March morning snow is on the ground. I’m reflecting the time I spent with a friend and the friendship built uncommon in today’s day and age. Today I will go to a service for a friend. I will spend time with his family and his loved ones and his children and remember the good in the bad of the times together. It is a stark reminder that we never know when our time is up. We always need to make sure that we do not leave unfinished business. We also need to make sure that the time we’re spending is spent doing what we’re supposed to be doing. In today’s society we invest a lot of time energy and effort and just simply trying to stay alive. Many of our society get up every day and go to work and go home and go to bed. In a simple effort to stay alive. They work a job they hate they deal with people they don’t like and all in the name of keeping their status and their life. Why is that? Shouldn’t we be living for something more than just living? Shouldn’t we be working towards something more than just staying afloat? What is made it so that today the majority of the population strives and works just to keep their head above water? Shouldn’t we all give this some thought and in remembrance of my friend who worked just to try to keep his head above water I think we should consider what we are doing.
When your passion becomes your vocation you never work a day in your life – that’s a quote that I heard some time ago and I think about it often. It’s Made Me reevaluate what I’m doing and why I’m doing it. In a lot of ways I think I’m putting too much effort in to simply trying to raise money for the organization. Instead I should be doing the main purpose of the organization. But it’s a struggle to find a bounce and it’s a struggle to figure out a way to pay for life even though my overhead is extremely low. We need to consider what we are doing everyday and think and live that day like it might be our last.
That’s just a farmer’s thoughts for today. Ethan the farmer‎