Snow Storm Update



Snow Storm 2016

Snow Storm 2016

As many of you know we have been holed up in South Eastern Pennsylvania, working to get the Tiny House Truck Legal and get on the Road.  We have Approximately 24 working hours of a volunteer crew to get the tiny house on the road. Having to work with Volunteer labor, we have had to do this project on the weekends. The Weekend of January 23 and 24, 2016 we experienced snow in this area, thereby canceling our scheduled work days.  As we continue to work towards getting back on schedule and developing a new route and plan of attack…


No Skills only a willingness to lend a hand.  The Timing is flexible and the needs very widely. Please email of message us via Facebook at

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We are surviving and continue to work towards the goals of this endeavor.  All of the Critters are safe and warm, some even like to play in this lovely snow.


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