Sustainability Services

Do you want to do your part to be sustainable?

Sustainable small business, farms, homesteads, families and households are a key ingredient in strong communities. We are here to help you and provide FREE phone, email, video consulting services to help you reach this goal and assist in developing a comprehensive plan to accomplish this goal.
Some of the key ingredients we believe are necessary to make this happen are:

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re-purpose and Reclaim
    Develop the “can do attitude” and retraining from the mentality of a disposable society. When we apply an attitude of repairing what is broken, verses throwing it away, across the board in our lives, it will go along way in developing a strong and healthy community.
  • Direct Relationships
    Eliminate the middle man – deal directly with the providers of goods and services locally.
  • Off Grid Systems: Unplug from the matrix!
    Through the use of alternative energy systems and growing ones own food developing a strong local connection, Not reliant on environmentally destructive processes for food and energy.
  • The Mentality of Community
  • Neighbors helping Neighbors
    Not relying on the Government to take care of our communities but instead lending a hand to each other as an community.

We are here to help you develop these concepts in your local environment and thereby create a strong community. Contact us Here

We Need to band together in our communities and take back the power and control to we the people – and NOT our currently out of control government.

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