Do you want your very own Bag of Wool from our Ambassadors?

Makes a great keepsake of the time you got to meet our ambassador livestock in your community!

Also, Great for crafts and art projects – ALL NATURAL – NOTHING ADDED – NOTHING TAKEN – just the way is was when we sheared the animal!


Alpaca Wool

Small Sandwich Bag of Alpaca wool

Gallon Bag of Wool

Sheep Wool

Gallon Size Bag of Wool

LLama Wool

currently sold out


All prices Do NOT include Shipping and Handling – these costs will be invoiced separately and must be paid for prior to shipment of any wool. Please keep in mind that this is a natural product that has NOT been processed in any way other than to shear the animal for which it came.  Therefore there may be some objects such as hay and other debris present when shipped. Thank You for your support.

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