Handmade All Natural Soap

All Natural Handmade Soaps that support our mission:

We have about 25  10 pounds of assorted handmade soaps that we are offering for sale – these are soaps that we made prior to the Fire of October 2015. We are offering these bars of soap at a discount for the price of $3.99 apiece (+shipping, unless local pickup can be arranged)

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(Please indicate which one you would like in your note to the seller via pay pal)


Types we have in this sale:

  • Oatmeal

  • Cinnamon

  • Patchouli oil

  • and surprise bag (double the soap – for same price – includes end/ cut offs pieces)

We will be making more soap in the very near future – If you have a specific flavor we are open to making special batches –  these soaps are made with all natural materials and ingredients: No fancy packaging or containers – The prices for these soaps will depend on the coast of ingredients to make them – ranging from $2.99 a bar to $6.99 a bar.


Castile liquid soap is also availible for purchase, (Buy Here) as well as wholesale / bulk pricing on all soaps (email here for pricing)



All profits generated by the sale of these products is used to fund our ongoing activities throughout the organization – Thank You for your support!

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