Our Family Farms are Under Attack!


Our Farms, the economic engine that powered rural America for generations are now rapidly being victims of hostile take over by large agricultural and chemical corporations. These corporations often use their close ties with the government to manipulate the law and the other officials to force small family farmers out of business. In many cases using the guise that they are “there to help”. Now, having done their best to commandeer the family farm – they have eliminated this important source of stewards of the natural environment, as well as the economic engine of rural America, and the most viable source of healthy natural food to feed the exploding population world wide.

Natural Family Farmers are an endangered species.

According to the United Nations (not that we agree with these folks – except in this instance) the best way to feed the exploding population growth is small organic farms producing local food. Not only does this feed the local people, but it helps the local economy, and keeps the money local.

Here are some ways you can Help TAKE BACK OUR FARMS:

  • Get To Know Your Farmer, Buy Local, Go Natural – When you really get to know where your food comes from you build a relationship with your farmer, and know how your food was grown. Not only that but you help the farmer bring in a higher gross revenue by eliminating the middle man. That difference in dollars may be the difference between that natural family farmer surviving and going out of business.

  • Grow Your Own Food, NOT Lawns – Why in the world do we in this country grow acers and acers of this “hay” that we never feed to anything? What is the purpose of cultivating a plant – grass in large quanities? Spending tons of time, money, and natural resources to grow something that has no logical use other than to look at? How much time do you get to look at it – other then when your taking care of it? Why not Grow FOOD? And do your part to contribute to your local economy, and have healthy food your body needs?

  • Tell Some One, Spread Awareness – What would happen if each of us told three people about the plight of our natural family farmers in this country – each and every day? It would not be very long and this situation would resolve itself – as the companies and politicians behind this would not be in a friendly light.

Join Us in Taking Back Our Farms – We Need You!

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