A Little More info on what we envision…


Who is behind this endeavor?
“Just Us Riders –
Riding For Justice”

You are asking …
Just what is this crazy thing that we are involved in?
We here at Get To Know Your Farmer, along with our founder – “Ethan The Farmer” have been watching and actively involved in the fight for JUSTICE on many levels across this great country. And …
To put it nicely – We think it is time for a change…
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Nathan Hale, John Adams, and our other founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. You see they challenged the largest military and government on the planet at the time of our countries founding over a simple tax on tea. Now, we are taxed for just about everything, and our government has turned into an government by the elite and corporate interests – those that can buy what they see as justice, or what favors them. Not a government “by the people for the people”. When the common man has no access to justice, because he can’t afford it, or because the militarized law enforcement has turned towards the people… that is not moral, ethical, or just by any stretch of the imagination. Anyone with a true moral compass cannot sit by and let this happen. This means You! Each and everyone of us has a direct and personal responsibility to take a stand for what is right, what is truth, for Justice!
So that brings us to our current state of affairs in this land and the protests going on world wide in support of justice for the people. The outright desire of the people to be treated in a fair and equitable manor, with dignity and respect for the inerrant rights of all men. Our law enforcement is no longer here to “serve and protect”, but have become enforcers for the corrupt corporation and for the system that has clearly failed.
What are we doing about these issues? While we do not advocate any type of violence, we are for our government being returned to we the people. This means each of us has a responsibility to “get off the couch, turn off the TV, and get in the Streets – and DO SOMETHING!” Currently, due to the extensive delays from having to fight the powers that be each and every step of the way – we are staging actions much like the one that we participated in at the 2016 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eventually, we plan to take it to the road and head on our cross country mission to effectively “be the change”. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP – WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!
Our dream in its original form included the following actions:
One way we think this can happen is for the people to start a nationwide “crusade 2016” where a march and rally is started on the west coast and taken to the east coast, then on to our country’s capital… WASHINGTON DC. We desire to have this nationwide wave end up in DC on the Lincoln Mall Right in front of the capital the weekend before the 2016 election.

Now you maybe asking…
Why the goofy name?
The goofy name is merely a play on words designed to relate to everyone from the “9-11 Truthers” to the soccer mom. It stands for “Just Us” common people seeking “Justice”. Since we envision including people from all walks of life and all types of backgrounds, it is only fitting to use a name that includes us all.
Weren’t the Crusades a bad thing?
Yes, for the most part the crusades of history were a negative event. But we intend this event to be a positive event that takes back our country and creates a better place for those that follow us, just as our founding fathers created the ground work that became this great country. Anything started with good intentions can be corrupted and warped to make a bad situation – our desire and goal is to bring back “Liberty and Justice for All”.
What makes this march and rallies different?
We intend to walk, ride horses, tractors, motorcycles, and even bikes from “sea to shinning sea”. At each city and town we intend to spread the hope and passion to take back our land. We encourage rural, urban working class people that desire to right the current system – People and families that believe in the diminishing belief that:

“All Men (woman, and children) are and were created equal”
“Liberty and Justice for All”

Who Can participate?
Every Man, Woman, and child in this country. Every farm animal, every household pet, every bicycle, every tractor, every motorcycle, every single person in this country.

“It is time to turn off the TV, Get up off the couch and to get in the streets-
It is high time we take visible action to take back our country”
-Ethan The Farmer

How do I get involved?
Join the nearest action site, plan to march with us from town to town, support this endeavor via organizational, gifts in kind, or financial. Become a Member
How will you pay for this massive undertaking?
We believe in this cause and are willing to step out with faith that in this pursuit of truth and justice all things that are meant to be will. Does that mean that we are not realistic? NO, it simply means we are not focused on money… We will do this no matter what the obstacles, even if we do it alone… Justice , freedom , and liberty mean that much to us that if we simply walk across this country – than we will do just that.

Will you be a part of history in the making?
And join us in taking back our country?

Volunteer and help the Dream come to life.

Become a member of this wonderful community!

Or simply just subscribe and be more informed. This way you can help your family, neighbor or friends in need.