November 3, 2017

What is “Give Back Thursday – Shop Small Saturday”?

Well, here is our take and thoughts on this well intentioned nationally marketed event. While it is awesome to encourage the general public, many of whom are not prone to “giving back” to do exactly just that and give back to support their local communities. The dirty truth of this event and all the main stream media attention to it is that it is backed by the major national nonprofits that have lost their vision and their connection to the causes that they were suppose to be about. When you have nonprofit CEOs making $600,000 a year plus a ton of other perks and benefits and a small fraction of the actual money and others donations actually making it to the intended recipients, you have a problem.  People need to stop and think about where and what their money actually is being used for when dealing with these so called nonprofits.  We would encourage you to Get to know the nonprofit you are giving your hard earned money or time to.

Our solution as is the customary way for us to respond when we call out an issue with an answer is what we are calling “The Big Give Challenge.”

We would invite you to get involved and do your part to “be the change”!