What is a Gift in Kind? You may ask.

As with any under taking of this magnitude we are in continual needs of goods and services. A Gift in Kind is the donation of those goods or services to either be used by our organization or sold / bartered to raise the resources that our organization needs.

Here is a partial List of our current needs for goods:

  • Livestock Trailer
  • Vehicle Dolly or Trailer or towing device for RV / Tiny House
  • Dimensional steel
  • Wire Feed Welder / Generator for substantial metal
  • One ride-able “bullet proof”- In other words traffic and event safe horse.
  • Livestock Feed
  • Automotive paint
  • Fuel – Diesel, Gas, Wood (prepaid Fuel cards work well)
  • Banners (we have the ability to purchase – just need to funds)
  • Printing of Flyers and brochures (we have the ability to purchase wholesale – just need the funds)
  • Stickers – (we have the ability to purchase wholesale – just need the funds)
  • Signs (we have the ability to purchase wholesale – just need the funds)
  • Camping locations along the route
  • Shower Locations along the route
  • Food along the route
  • Construction materials for the “Neighbors Helping Neighbors – Pay it Forward” events and projects.
  • Vegetable Costumes/ Farm Animals Costumes
  • A 3000 watt amp for our sound system
  • A 6500 watt generator
  • Video Projector
  • Dash Cams (x3) (a usable system is $799 for our needs and this would also be used to generate footage for an eventual documentary)
  • LEGAL – for setting up non- profit / reorganizing to better obtain our goals
  • LEGAL – for assisting families and farmers advocacy
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services
  • Marketing / Public Relations
  • Insurance
  • Accounting

As well as Physical Items, Gift Certificates, and Service Certificates to either barter, sell, or auction, as a way to obtain the goods and services listed above.

If You would like to help with any of the above needs please CONTACT US here.




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