“Get Involved!”

But what Does it mean to “Get Involved”?
Well, in the simplest way to put it: DO SOMETHING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
“When your passion becomes your vocation
you will never work another day in your life”

You can get involved in many different types of groups, activities and causes – whatever is close to your heart. If you need help finding a LOCAL outlet for you to “Get Involved!” Please fill out the CONTACT US form HERE, and a team member will do their best to assist in plugging you in, to something other than the TV. It is TIME that we all do our part, before it is too late.

How many People does it Take to change the world?
Come on give me an answer…
Just One More – YOU!

So, I beg you on behalf of those that will follow us, and inherit this disaster we have ignored for way too long – The Children of the next generation. And on behalf of those who have gone before us, our Founding Fathers and those who gave their lives to preserve the FREEDOM and LIBERTIES this Great Country was founded on.

Turn off your television, get off the couch, and get to the streets. Start making a difference in your community – TODAY!

If You would like to Volunteer with us in one or more of the many capacities we are in need of –
Please Click HERE.
Thank You for giving a rip about someone besides yourself, and even If you don’t give a rip about anyone else but are getting involved for strictly selfish reasons, I still thank you on behalf of my children and the next generation that will inherit this mess we have now, otherwise known as our world.


In Memory of Tay Dog – who gave her life in a tragic Fire on October 1, 2015. A loyal companion through many an action – she did her part to make this a better world – WILL YOU? Rest In Peace – Tay Dog