Sustainable Small Scale Farming

So, you are hungry for more information on how and where we come up with the idea that the only way to feed the worlds growing population is through sustainable small scale farming.


When you study the current climate of mass produced farming and the effects it has had on our society and those around the world it becomes very clear that the long range outcomes are far from positive. The results of a commercialized mass produced food stream has resulted in people suffering from under nutrition, existence and spread of diseases and chemical exposure, significant increase in obesity related illnesses, as well as other significant illnesses. (WHO/HSE/PHE/7.6.2012a)

The production of nutritional food and access to it is of critical concern as the population of the world continues to grow. When we use small natural sustainable farms, the nutritional value of the food increases and access is less restricted.  The highly processed foods that are currently prevalent in developed countries diets are a key source in the prevalence of obesity and many other health issues.  Providing access to raw and minimally processed foods via local sustainable agriculture creates an avenue for people with these existing health issues to restore good health by eating natural food that their body was designed to break down, fully using the nutrients.

Organic, Natural, Sustainable Agriculture can feed the world according to the United Nations.  Agro-ecology and the Right to Food,  makes it clear small-scale sustainable farming would even double food production within five to 10 years in locations where food independence and access is not currently availible.  Paula Crossfield with the Huffington Post wrote an article that provides some great incite into the study and how sustainable agriculture is the solution to food independence. Visit her article here.


Even Pro science groups like Science Daily admit that based on actual current research “sustainable farm practices improve third world food production”.  They can’t deny the physical and outright evidence. See their Article here.


Based on the over whelming evidence in the face of the oppositions biased and fixed studies it is clear what must happen if we truly desire healthy generations of humans moving forward.


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