Our Farms – Our Food – Our Families

When the those in power want to control the people…
They attack the these key areas of our society, in an effort to destroy the very backbone that has given this country its strength for generations.
And now those in power must be stopped as …
They have declared an all out war on –

Our Farms!
Our Food!
Our Families!

We are rapidly loosing the very Freedoms that this county was founded on. Through the dishonest, immoral, unethical, and often times illegal actions of those running the large corporations and our Government. The Revolving door between the Government and the large companies, has helped facilitate the destruction of our farms – our food & our families. When companies can put their former executives and attorneys in places of power that benefit them, the system goes crazy. When those now Governmental officials are making decisions that are in the best interest of their former company, and not the citizens of this county, We HAVE A PROBLEM! When children and adults become pawns for government and corporate greed – the world CANNOT SURVIVE!
Henry Kissinger said “he who controls the food controls the people”…
What better way to have total control?

In the United States of America, as we know it today, these key parts of
society have come under immense attack.

Our Farms: The economic engine that powered rural America for generations. And now are rapidly being victims of hostile take over by large agricultural and chemical corporations. These corporations often use their close ties with the government to manipulate the law and the other officials to force small family farmers out of business. In many cases using the guise that they are “there to help”. Now – having done their best to commandeer the family farm – they have eliminated this important source of stewards of the natural environment, as well as the economic engine of rural America, and the most viable source of healthy natural food to feed the exploding population world wide. Natural Family Farmers are an endangered species.

Nothing like having the fox guarding the hen house.

Our Food: Control and destruction of our food and the environment in which it grows has been going on for many years. Our food is no longer what our bodies or the livestock and poultry were designed to eat. When I hear of people talking about the climbing number of cases of Autism, Obesity, Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Food Allergies… I look at the increase in mass produced processed food containing chemicals and who knows what. And then I see the correlation between both sets of numbers and think – we need to start providing our living, breathing bodies with real food. The food our bodies were designed to run on – not some thing the bugs wont even eat. When I buy natural produce, I look for the bugs, that way I know the chances of it being treated with pesticides is far less if the bugs are willing to eat it…

You Are What You Eat!

Our Families: Ever notice the lost look on children’s faces in public? The sense that our children are getting involved in stuff that in years gone by would adults would have never dreamed of doing – yet alone children. What is wrong with a society that puts for profit companies in charge of
taking care of the children that are removed from their homes?
services and helping the homeless?
even housing and treating those with mental health issues?
services for our veterans?
the criminal justice programs and jails?

Clearly there is something wrong here. our families are a building block of a strong society.

What companies and our government have done here is nothing short of criminal.

When You put profits before people –
you have a problem!

So- I ask you…
Will You Join us –
In Taking Back the building blocks of our society and our country…
Our Farms – Our Food & Our Families?
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