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As you know by now our crew here at Just Us Riders took to the streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey on April 10, 2016.  During our time there we had many conversations with the locals and others visiting the city. We parked by Atlantic Ave and Rhode Island in front of a boarded up, run down apartment building, in one of the few FREE parking spaces availible.  We took to Atlantic Ave headed past the historic Absecon lighthouse, where we were glad to see some locals working on a community garden project inside the fences of the landmark. We met some extremely helpful and hospitable men outside the local bait shop (One Stop Bait and Tackle,) and even used the gas station across the streets restroom (less tp and even soap – to the dismay of some of our crew).  We then took their advice and headed straight for the boardwalk.



 We walked most of the board walk down past all the Casinos, then went up a block and walked back all the way down Pacific Ave. We could hardly get 20 steps before people were pulling over wanting to talk to us. Even many of the local police stopped to take selfies with Shay D Alpaca.


One of the major things that stood out as we explored this City was the extreme number of abandon and empty buildings.  It appeared to us that this community’s economic condition was in rough shape like many of the properties, including some directly on the boardwalk. It is sad to see iconic American cities with this kinda blight, when this city use to be one of the crown jewels.


The only way we can see a great city like this reviving itself is through creating LOCAL economy and taking back their strength in community. If you would like to help us bring programs to retool, rebuild and create local economy to Atlantic City please Donate below – Thank you


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