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We are happy to help you in matters related to

  • Your Farms
  • Your Food
  • Your Family
  • or Your Freedom
If you are facing challenges in these areas and need some help, we are here.

Currently, ALL phone and email advocacy, and most others are FREE of charge. If there is a fee involved, we will discuss and all fees associated with this program are on a sliding scale basis, with Scholarships available. These fees are simply an attempt to cover our overhead, costs of services, and support our organization. For Priority Advocacy services please become a Member. Thank You.

DISCLAIMER: These services are NOT Legal counsel, NOT provided by attorney’s. None of the information we provide should take the place or be used instead of seeking legal counsel, professional CPA counsel, or other professional counsel. We only provide information and what we would do or have done in like situations. Some limited assistance with filling out forms, and life coaching services are available. Use of these services is only by your agreement to the above. Thank You.

For Farms:

Save our Family Farmers

These services are offered to the following types of agricultural endeavors, (but not limited to) Urban Farmers, Homesteads, Direct to Consumer Supply Chains, Organic Farms, Traditional Farms, Ranchers, Fruit Growers, Co-Operatives, Farmers Markets, Community Gardens, and even those currently growing conventionally (although there are some restrictions regarding assistance to conventional farmers).

Services offered currently:

  • Governmental Issues Advocacy – work towards agriculture with the least governmental involvement in all of your agricultural processes. Resolution of issues with various government agencies effecting agriculture.
  • Direct to Consumer – Marketing – Supply Chain Advocacy – Assistance in developing and stream lining your supply chain and maximizing your direct to consumer market. Full service marketing, and advertising agency is available.
  • Production Processes Advocacy – Assistance in developing and maximizing your natural agricultural products and diversification of revenue streams for your agricultural operation. All Agricultural production is to be done in accordance to our beliefs in Natural – beyond organic beliefs, as well as humane natural care of animals involved in the processes. Assistance with cost / revenue analysis.
  • Business Set Up and Paralegal Advocacy – (NOT AN ATTORNEY – NOT FOR LEGAL ADVICE!) Forming a business, collection, contracts, agreements, letters, copyright and trademark / trade name consultation.
  • Mediation – Dispute resolution assistance
  • Life Coaching – Listening Ear – A place to bounce ideas and speak your mind in a none judgmental environment – with your own coach and a support structure that really cares about you and your success as a natural family farmer.
  • Project / Program Development – assistance with creating events, projects and programs to help you in your natural agricultural enterprise.
  • Court Watch and Media Access – for those facing legal persecution for their activities related to their natural agricultural endeavors.


For Food:


These Services are available in regards to food related endeavors:

  • Sourcing and Distribution – Advocacy in regard to the sourcing of natural direct to consumer food related products. Assistance with developing local supply chains and local sourcing of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Event or Program Development and Production – Advocacy in regards to planning, design and implementation of events and programs to address access to natural health food.
    Food Desert and Food Access Advocacy – Getting natural healthy food to those who do not have readily accessible food.
  • Anti GMO Advocacy – Assistance with all things related to ANTI GMO Programs, endeavors, and events.
  • My Victory Garden Program – Assistance in growing your own healthy food (Yes EVERYONE CAN GROW THEIR OWN FOOD!) WEBSITE TO BE COMING SOON! As well as community gardens and school/ hospital gardens.
  • Advocacy for bees and pollinators – Helping those who want to raise bees, and produce pollinator friendly environments.
  • Governmental Issues – advocacy in regards to our food and access to it.
  • Court watch and Media Coverage – for those facing legal persecution for issues related to our food.


For Families:

Save Our Families!

While these advocacy services are mainly geared towards families, they are offered to all people with preference being given to advocacy requests related to these core family issues

  • Our Children
  • Our Homeless
  • The Mentally Ill
  • Our Veterans
  • Those with Disabilities
  • Those involved with the Criminal Justice System
  • Those involved with the Family Courts
  • Issues Related to persons loss of freedoms and civil rights

The following advocacy areas are covered currently under the “our families” part of our programs.

If your issue does not fall in one of these please contact us and we will try our best to help you:

  • Governmental Issues Advocacy – Assistance in addressing and limiting Governmental involvement in all maters related to family, including issues related to:
    • Child Protective Services
    • Family Courts
    • Mental Health Services Access and Denial of Accommodations
    • Veterans Services
    • Criminal Justice
  • Loss of Freedoms – Rights
  • Governmental Corruption – violating rights under the “Color Of Law”
  • Dispute Resolution:
    • Family Court Issues
    • Mediation
  • other issues
    • Investigative Journalism
    • Document Preparation Assistance
    • Court Watchers
    • Use of Court of Public Opinion and Social media resources to address hostile Governmental actions towards all things Family.
    • Listening Ear, Life Coach

    Contact A Volunteer Family Advocate Via this Link

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