A better way to Farm:

Are you frustrated with your farming endeavor?

Never quite able to make all the ends meet?

Are you doing what the Seed Salesman tells you, but every year your input costs keep

going up and your profits keep going down?





Nature has been farming since the beginning of the world. Yet we as humans try and improve on nature.  Instead of fighting what already works and has worked long before our existence. We should work with it.

You response is “the seed salesman says the only way we are going to be able to feed the growing world population is through GMOs and modern agriculture.” Your seed salesman is always telling you that if you do what he says and buy the seeds, fertilizers and chemicals like he recommends your production will increase, Right?

Well, I’m here to ask you:

Has your production increased over a five year average?

Do your input costs keep increasing?

Are your profits feeling the squeeze?

What is your Seed Salesman’s motive for telling you this?

I’d ask you to follow the money.

According to the World Health Organization and the Rodele Institute studies the only way we will be able to feed the growing world population is through small scale sustainable agriculture. For more information on this go here.


We Want to Help!

Through helping you integrate sustainable practices such as:

perma culture


apiculture (bee keeping)


areo ponicsaqua ponics

hugelkulturefood forests

compostingsoil health

market gardenshorticulture

pastured poultry

natural pastured meats

direct to consumer sales

agricultural tourism

diversification of production


Now, your asking “what does this cost me?”


Because we truly believe in what we are doing and want to “be the change” the costs are extremely low and all programs have scholarships available.  As well as we are staffed primarily with volunteers and use mostly volunteer labor to facilitate the work that needs to be done to get your agricultural endeavor back on the right track, working with nature instead of fighting it.

One of the easiest ways to get started is to become a member, of you can reach out to one of our farm advocates and they can answer your questions.   (basic non-priority advocates are FREE to everyone)

Here is to a successful back to the basics –

back to nature agriculture endeavor with you.

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