Our Needs in 2017


We desperately need your help to continue –


If we can’t turn it around we will be forced to

cut programs and services.

We are begging you for your help each and every dollar helps!

At this time all actions and ambassador livestock programs have been suspended due to our dire financial status. We need $6500 to be able to start this back up and we need it before the end of the year to maximize our impact going forward.

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2017 Major Expenses: (Total estimated projected $17,000 for 2017)

  • $9000 cost to file restructured  Community Development Non Profit parent organization

  • $3500 to re-license Ambassador Livestock for year ($2600 has been raised)

  • $1000 to get Tiny House On the Road Legally ( a few minor fix it issues and another inspection) THIS HAS BEEN RAISED

  • $1750 Finish paying off Trailer for behind tiny house

  • $1500 General Liability Insurance for this program


Other Costs:

  • $3500 Cost to feed, and care for the Ambassador Livestock, and Ambassador Dogs.
  • $110 Monthly Cell Phone and Internet for Crew ($1320 annual)
  • $200 Monthly Food Costs for Crew ($2400 annual)
  • $600 Monthly fuel cost for vehicles ($7200 annual)
  • $250 Monthly Vehicle Insurance Costs ($3000 annual)
  • $200 Monthly vehicle maintenance ($2400 Annual)
Estimated annual other costs $33,220
Estimated Costs for 12 month – 350 days of action (350 cities / towns in 365 days coast to coast):  $35,000
Some of the other costs would be stopped once the nationwide action started.
Total estimated fixed needs for 2017: $50, 320
This above figures include NO PAID STAFF an additional $12,000 a year would cover one full time paid staff.
These figures above do not cover the additional costs of any of the specific programs other than the ambassador livestock and the 350 days of action. Programs Like the advocacy program, neighbors helping neighbors, helping hands all over, “Take back America – Plant a victory garden”, and others continue to cost additional funds to operate.   Estimated Costs of these programs is an additional $50,000 annually at this time, at their current levels.


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