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  • Entry 10/24/15

While the original plan was to ride a horse across the country spreading the message about what is going on with our food, our families, and our farms – due to the issues with the different laws regarding horses and crossing state lines, We have altered it a little.  I will be walking the majority of the route from Seattle, Washington to Washington DC with llamas,  alpacas, and a dog. We have a 36′ box truck that we are converting to a mobile tiny house with accommodations for the livestock as well as some areo / aqua ponics, and a mobile activism unit.  We invite all who wish to and can to join us from town to town as we travel this country spreading the word…

Even after the apartment in which we were staying while building the truck and gathering gear for the trip burned, and my loyal dog Tay perished  in the fire, We will carry onward… We have had to pare down as most of the gear that was lost in the fire (camping, event, and outreach materials),  and will be trusting that people along the way will help provide for us… what we are doing is a true act of faith in the goodness left in humanity.  You can learn more about the fire, what was lost and how you can help here.

So, in the remaining weeks we plan on a few test runs to some of the eastern major cities around us, and did participate in an event on November 14, 2015 in Baltimore, Maryland, in support of farmers in Maryland. We will also be fine tuning the truck and working with the critters.  If you would like to help – please email – Thank You!


  • Entry 10/25/15-

Just a thought that i had…
How many people don’t understand this very concept?

  • Entry 11/12/15 –

Picked up a new crew member a young female alpaca yesterday –  it will be an exciting learning curve for her and us… but i think she will fit in with our diverse crew.

On the 11th of November we finally got a hose made to replace the issue with the power steering line and discovered several other issues with the truck – including the need for a new fuel pump. which will cost us $180 that again was not in the budget that is already behind schedule – so we will trust that somehow someone will help us get this done as we go out on faith and believing that we will succeed in doing what is right.

Planning on a trip to DC to help with the TPP actions on this coming Monday with the new alpaca.

  • Entry 11/15/15 –

Having a lot of issues with the Pennsylvania dept of motor vehicles as they don’t seem to be able to tell me the same story two times in a  row as to what is required for a “Tiny House” / Motor home plates on the truck we are planning on using for this vendor. They cannot seem to make up their minds no matter what and I’m getting real tired of spending money chasing them. It looks like we are going to have to rebuild the truck yet again in order to try and get it passed inspection. This is costly and very time consuming.  I am hoping that this does not delay our getting on the road next month – but we will wait and see what is in store. Thank you

  • Entry 11/29/15 –

Well, we are struggling to raise the funds to get us on the road. Between the fire and the loss of gear / tools for work, and the lack of people keeping their commitments to support our endeavors, this has become a severe challenge. WE WILL NOT GIVE UP ON THIS ENDEAVOR! But, we NEED EACH OF YOU! If you don’t have the resources to donate funds, organize a fundraiser for us, help spread the word, or volunteer your time to help in other ways.  We would be happy to brain storm and work with you to help us pull this off…Please follow your states specified page or the master calendar to get the most up to date info on our dates for specific locations. We did change the landing page to help draw attention to the current situation. thank you for all your help and support. 

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